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This is What Clients are Saying about Spiritual Counseling, Nutrition & Fitness

The Mind Body Spirit Center

Brenda H. FL

Brenda H FL.jpg

I met Rosedale as an instructor of one of my classes a few years ago…she had such a connection with each of us, we looked forward to our workout…needless to say, her class attendance was the largest of all…she left each of us with so much inspiration…

Last year I broke my leg and did damage to my ankle…I was laid up for weeks…I so looked forward to her posted inspirational messages every morning and still do…they helped me then through some very difficult days and still do…

I feel very blessed to have her in my life…

Kellie K, Ohio

Kellie K Ohio.jpg

Before I started talking with Rosedale, I was having very bad anxiety affecting almost every aspect of my life. Emotionally and physically. 


Working with Rosedale and taking my power back allowed me to start accomplishing small victories towards my goal.


I am very grateful to Ms. Rosedale.

She will transform your life!

Holly M. WP FL

Holly M_edited.jpg

With compassion, knowledge, and joy in her practice and teaching of yoga, Rosedale gently and soulfully instructs and models how to align our Mind, Body, and Spirit. Highly recommended!

Jocelyn Panton

Jocelyn Panton.jpg

I came to Rosedale because my puppy had just come home after a 3-week hospital stay with a rigorous medication + feeding tube routine. I was 8 months pregnant with my first baby. Between the two, I was overwhelmed and all the plans I made for my baby felt like they had gone out the window, when my dog got sick which created a new schedule I was not prepared for.


 I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to have the time to really enjoy my new season in my business with my babies. Rosedale dove right in. She identified things to work on right away that would help me feel like I could relax and I could let go of the fears I had. 


In the first session, Rosedale helped me identify what I really wanted, deep down.  Now, I’m not having these worries or fears very much. The situation feels more manageable, and the fearful thoughts don’t surface as much now! I’m better at quieting them and getting back to my center.

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