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When We Work Together,

You Restore Stability in Your Life, Your Health Recovery and Happiness Again

I Support You With Your Fitness & Nutrition Goals As Well

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About Me

What Most People Know About Me:


Rosedale Jones works from a place of love and connectedness for people who want to heal and transform their lives at a time when the world is so chaotic and changing so rapidly.


What Most People Don’t Know About Me:


25 years ago I was at a place where every part of my life ached.  All the parts like health, self-love, money, relationships, fun and recreation, and all of my resources suddenly dried up. 


All of my past is healed now!

As a Certified Fitness Coach, Nutritionist and Spiritual Counselor I have helped hundreds of people move past their struggles to the other side of transformation happy, healthy and feeling great about themselves.

Now, I serve so powerfully that any issue that overwhelms my clients gets left in the past...

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